December 6 2016: EXIBART review of Mirrors, Magazzino Rome

November 9 2016: Magazzino, Rome, Italy

MIRRORS. Montgomery Barron's first exhibition of black and white MIRRORS opened at Magazzino in May 2004.  She has continued photographing mirrors since then, in color. The exhibition opens on November 9, 2016. 

November 2 2016: JMB participates in SURFACE MAGAZINE collaboration with Jenny Holzer

October 13 2016: American Academy in Rome


This event is part of the series New Work in the Arts & Humanities: American Classics. This exhibition features a selection of photographs by foreign women in Rome from three successive generations, all of them connected to the American Academy. Their work confronts aspects of the Eternal City and its urban transformation over more than a century, from the Belle Époque to the present day. At the same time, it tracks the emergence of photography as an independent medium wielded by women with distinctive viewpoints, as it evolved from a documentary aid to a vehicle for subjective, even gendered expression. The protagonists are American archaeologist Esther Van Deman, who photographed Rome and its surroundings in the 1910s; Georgina Masson, author of the classic guidebook,The Companion Guide to Rome, that has shaped foreigners’ experiences of Rome since the 1950s; and contemporary photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron, whose images capture glimpses of Rome as seen by an American living abroad in the Eternal City, folding them into a wandering, meditative reverie. Seen in succession against a photographic landscape of Rome defined for the most part by men, these photographs posit another way of seeing the city’s history. Taken by female flâneurs, empirical observations of bricks and mortar progressively dissolve into pure, evanescent experience. A View of One’s Own is curated by Lindsay Harris, Peter Benson Miller, and Angela Maria Piga.

Inaugural Lecture Zoe Strauss 13 October 2016 6pm, AAR Lecture Room
Lecture Letizia Battaglia 3 November 2016 6:30pm, AAR Lecture Room

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, 4pm-7pm until 27 November 2016

July 22 2016: Musée Magazine

Musée Magazine issue 15 features JMB photos with André Aciman essay, "ROME IS." 


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May 1 2016: JMB featured in UPSTATE DIARY

Upstate Diary is about the creative possibilities that thrive in communities outside of city limits. The ways that natural beauty and the challenges of rural life inform and influence the creative process form common themes among most of the artists we feature. Upstate in this context is truly about a state of mind.

We hope that you will learn something new, become inspired by these stories and be inspired to explore.

Upstate Diary is the brainchild of Swedish Photographer and Director Kate Orne, formally an editor at Interview Magazine.

June 23 2015: My Years in the 1980s New York Art Scene

More than a book, a personal diary where the photographer has jotted down notes, collected photographs shot in studios, homes and clubs, letters, and mementos of events linked to her life in New York in the Eighties, further enriched by artists' recollections of that period.

A journey that certainly does not want to be philological but intimate and minimalistic, in its attempt to convey the sense of a special moment in time to those who had not experienced it.

Contributions by: John Ahearn, James Barron, Mike Bidlo, Ross Bleckner, James Brown, Sandro Chia, Enzo Cucchi, Peter Halley, Annette Lemieux, Peter McGough, Jeannette Montgomery Barron, Luigi Ontani

May 3 2014: Collezione Maramotti

April 4 2013: Colette