Artist Portraits from the 80's at Patrick Parrish (2020)

Patrick Parrish Gallery is pleased to present the photographs of Jeannette Montgomery Barron. Jeannette’s decisive and intimate portraits of artists, actors and the denizens of Downtown New York in the 1980's define the era. Now, with so many younger artists in their 20s and early 30s referring back to this lush and fertile time, the gallery felt it was time to revisit these iconic images.

In honor of younger and hopefully new collectors, Jeannette is publishing a new edition of one of her iconic images that will be affordable to those just starting out building a collection. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a limited edition catalog "object” designed by Brian Janusiak of Various Projects, Inc. consisting of unseen reprints of Jeannette’s contact sheets, printing notes, as well as facsimiles of her negatives.

View exhibition details here.


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