October 27 2022: COCOA: Jeannette Montgomery Barron, New Drawings: An Exhibition

Thanks to KK Kozik at COCOA (The Journal of Cornwall Contemporary Art) for writing about my recent series of drawings.

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"One’s first impression is of a quiet and meditative practice yet a closer look yields a line wayward and wobbly as if Barron’s hand was being slowly directed around the page by a phantom force or was tracing the trail of an ant. Barron has built a career as an ace whose art, produced via partnership with cameras and printers, is low on the scales of expressionism and human touch. Her drawings, however, register at the opposite end of the continuum. Their unaffectedness leaves nowhere to hide and they are poignant in that way. This is their most compelling quality - their existence as an intimate and immediate record of the unique movements of Barron’s hand."