May 10 2023: 10 Magazine Australia: JMB by Jeannette Montgomery Barron

In December 1894, the American photographer’s deft eye led to an invitation from Bruno Bischofberger to visit his Great Jones Street studio in New York City where she would photograph the late and great Basquiat. There, with only a birdcage, a chair and an unfinished painting as props, she captured the burgeoning artist in what would be his first sitting. Barron shot three rolls of 120 film, capturing 36 sentimental, grayscale images. Tinkering with light, shadows and dreamlike elegance, the artist himself became the artwork. That following spring, Barron returned to photograph Basquiat and Warhol in tandem, capturing 36 further portraits during the pair’s infamous painting collaboration at The Factory in 1985.

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