August 26 2023: Peter Fetterman Gallery: The Power of Photography: #1067 - JEANNETTE MONTGOMERY BARRON

Jeannette Montgomery Barron's book "JMB", published by NJG Studio, is an incredible publication filled with expressive portraits of Jean-Michel Basquiat. She was invited to photograph Basquiat in December 1984 by Bruno Bischofberger. Barron traveled light to the shoot, which allowed her to bring an intimacy to the portraits, she shot 3 rolls of 120 film during the session.

Later in the Spring of 1985, she was invited by Bruno again to photograph Basquiat and Warhol together at The Factory. Barron took the same approach as she did when photographing Basquiat the first time, taking the same exact number of frames, 36 exposures. She is a true minimalist.

Barron's minimalist style allowed her to seize Basquiat in an authentic environment. Through this book, she offers a peek into Basquiat's enigmatic aura and artistic brilliance, as well as accentuating her own creative mastery.

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